News 2014

We expect puppies…


After bad events we are very pleased that now we can share with you the news much more enjoyable.
Our female Fulvia Eleuteria is pregnant and after four long years we will have tricolor bernese bears in our kennel. For our Fulvia we chose the Italian dog Doctor Dolittle di Ricasso. Doc, as his owners called him, is a young dog with the right bernese nature, strong bone, excellent angulation, nicely shaped head and exemplary carried tail. Although Doc lives in Italian town Teglio, in his veins there is a blood of the Swedish and Finnish ancestors. His father is now eight years old handsome Doremis Watson-Brad and his mother is a beautiful female Berntiers Queen of Hearts. We thank to Marisa and Paolo Scatto for the friendly welcome in their house and for making this interesting combination. We hope that pregnancy and childbirth will be without complications and we will have at the end of October a beautiful and healthy puppies. We thank to Miss. Kamila Čapek for nice masterpiece. If are you interest in puppies from this parents you can contact us in email or phone +420 603 376 259.


Forever in our hearts…

 Very sad summer we had. We lost our two lovely bernese bears and any words can not express our big sorrow.

24.01.2008 -15.07.2014
- heart failure -

28.11.2004 – 20.09.2014
- osteosarcoma


Belgium – Bonheiden

Long and arduous journey, we did to seeing the beauty of Brussels and the Belgian Swiss Mountain dogs. In Bonheiden in a nice complex with the participation of 80 Swiss Mountain dogs a Belgian club show realized and we attended too. We have learned a different way of evaluating, another way of organization and ohter dogs. Premiering  on Belgian turf had our Fulvia and Marlie and both girls performed in all the beauty, dignity and typical bernese nature. And for that we are very happy. A complete photogallery of our trip you can find here.
Champion class – females – Stephen Green (UK)
Ch. Emma Bermondo Bohemia Excellent 1, res. CAC
Ch. Fulvia Eleuteria Excellent 2


2x CACIB Komárom


We had a wonderful and warm weekend in the Slovak Republic in town Velký Meder. We enjoyed swimming in thermal baths and adrenalin in the show ring too. On this occasion, we attended  in two international exhibitions which took place in the Hungarian city of Komárom. The weekend we spent together with our great canine friends from childhood – Fulvia and Marlie. The girls, despite the hot weather really tried and here are the results:

Sobota 07.06.2014, judge – dr. Váczi-Balogh Zsuzsanna (HU)
Ch. Emma Bermondo Bohemia – open class – Excellent 2, res. CAC
Ch. Fulvia Eleuteria – champion class – Excellent 2, res. CAC, res. CACIB

Neděle 08.06.2014, judge – P. Szábó Béla (HU)
Ch. Emma Bermondo Bohemia – open class – Excellent 1, CAC
Ch. Fulvia Eleuteria – champion class – Excellent 2, res. CAC, res. CACIB



Beautiful eighth birthday celebrated our canine friend called Archimedes Čierne Královstvo and we are really pleased that we can now introduce another veteran from bernese mountain dogs. We wish him a lot of health and many years with us.

CACIB Litoměřice


Our Fulvia Eleuteria got mark Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB  in international dog show in Litoměřice. Bernese mountain dogs were judged by Mr. Leoš Jančík. Video from this show you can find here.

Jubilee of Swiss Mountain dogs


We spent four days in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm where took part a festivities of Swiss mountain dogs on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the first birth of Bernese mountain dog in the Czech Republic. Nice weather and atmosphere was here. Organization was perfect as usually. Our dogs were judged by Mrs.Joelle Bardet from France, Mrs.Gabriela Schrank from Austria, Mrs.Evgenia Fedorovicheva from Russia, Mrs.Satu Yla-Mononen from Finland, Mrs.Antonella Residori from Italy, Mrs.Maria Amélia Taborda from Spanish aand Mr. Joseph Van Hummelen from Belgium.

Club show of SMD – saturday 10.05.2014
Female, class of winners, judge Joelle Bardet (FR)
Ch. Fulvia Eleuteria – Excellent 1, CAC

Special club show of SMD– sunday 11.05.2014
Female, class of winners, judge Antonella Residori (IT)
Ch.Fulvia Eleuteria – Excellent 2, res.CAC

Fulvia Eleuteria


Our wonderful Fulvia Eleuteria celebrates her 3th birthday. We are very happy that this girl lives with us and we wish a lot of health and vitality into future.
This weekend we took part in international dog show in Prague too and Fulvia got mark Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB.

Now it is my honor to introduce our NEW CZECH CHAMPION.



We took part in many shows with our girl Fulvia Eleuteria and here are results:

Saturday 22.2.2014, judge: Slukin Sergii (UA)
Ch. Fulvia Eleuteria – champion class- Excellent 3
Sunday 23.2.2014, judge: V.Adlt (CZ)
Ch. Fulvia Eleuteria – champion class- Excellent 2, res.CAC

CACIB České Budějovice 27.04.2014
Ch. Fulvia Eleuteria - champion clas- Excellent 2,res. CAC


Welcome new veteran…


Bella z Peruckých lesů celebrates her 8th birthday and we wish a lot of health and vitality for this always smiling girl.



Puppies from litter „D“ celebrated 16.03.2014 their 6th birthday and today puppies from litter „C“ celebrate their 7th birthday. We wish to all our offspring a lot of health and vitality into future.

Fehova Winter Dog Show Budapešť


We visited Budapešť again and again our dogs were successful in this Hungarian city. This trip we took together with our best friend Kate from kennel Bermondo Bohemia and her young bernese girl. All day we were accompanied by sunshine and unseasonably warm weather. This fact and results of our dogs made us very happy. Kate really thank for this experience.

For results we thank to judge Mr. Zoltán Baffia, HU
Hallie Grace Bermondo Bohemia
Minor puppy – Very Promising 1
Ch. Fulvia Eleuteria
Open class - Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Al Capone Bersett


Our big boy Capi today celebrates his 6th birthday, we are very happy that this always smiling friend lives with our family. Now we wish everyone from litter „A“ Bersett a lot of health and vitality into future.

National dog show Brno


We took part with our female Fulvia Eleuteria in national dog show in Brno. Bernese mountain dogs were judged by Mr.Otakar Vondrouš from Czech republic and my young girl in class of winners got mark Excellent 4, we dont have white color on front legs :-) But I am very proud of Fulvia because we had nice and long trip when we travelled by train, background, bus and tram and Fulvia all did perfect. Big thank for photo to family Smola.

New Year 2014…


To all our friends and visitors of this websites we wish Happy New year 2014 that will be full of health, love and a lot of success in Your personal life and in the life of breeding too.
At the beginning of the new year we are going to several shows and in the spring we are planning first mating of our female Fulvia Eleuteria and we are looking forward to have tricolor hairy bears in our kennel after four years. In year 2014 there will be held two big events for dogs owners. In May it is festivities of Swiss Mountain Dogs in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the birth of the first litter of Bernese mountain dog in the Czech Republic and in October it is European Dog Show in Brno. We are looking forward to seeing our friends there but mainly we wish a lot of health for our dogs.